Terms and Conditions of Wiezyczki Apartments in Swieradow Zdroj.

1. All apartments in Wiezyczki are book on a daily basis

2. The hotel day starts at 16:00 (4pm) on the day of arrival and ends at 12:00 (noon) on the day of departure.

3. If the Guest does not indicate the length of stay during booking it will be assumed that the stay will be for one day. 

4. Upon arrival the Guest will receive a key to the apartment. The fee for loss of key is 50PLN.

5. During the booking process the Guest must inform the reception personnel about each kid under the age of 4 that will stay in the room. 

6. There is obligatory strict No Smoking Policy within the perimeters of a whole property.
If this regulation is breached, the Guest will bear all associated costs, especially costs related to all damage of property due to automatic fire extinguishing system

7. You are not allowed to sell anything on the premises of the property.

8. If the Guest wishes to extend the stay beyond the booking period it will have to be announced in the reception before 11:00 (11am) of the day of departure. We will evaluate the possibility based on availability of apartments.

9. The Guest may not transfer the apartment to any other person, even if it is still within the booking period. People that did not book in on arrival may stay in the rooms only after the reception was informed.

10. Our guests should use all equipment in the apartment, including kitchenette, with its intended purpose and in line with these Regulations. In case the equipment is destroyed, damaged or lost the Guest will be required to pay for all the damages. The costs will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the Owner or a designated person.

11. All people visiting the property should read and observe decisions of these Regulations. Booking of any apartment means that the Guest read and understood the Regulations and accepts it (on behalf of all people that will be using the apartment).

12. Wiezyczki Apartments do not take any responsibility for loss or damage of any property brought by Guests in the scope regulated by Civil Code rules. Our Guests should inform Reception about any damages immediately. This applies to damages of property and any physical injury.

13. Guests are welcomed to use bicycles (skis) storage place, playground for kids, Dinner room and parking places following guidance provided by personnel. More precise regulations are strictly connected with purchased Option.

14. Guest’s behaviour should not interrupt and disturb the stay of other Guests.
Wiezyczki Apartments may deny providing service to the Guest that does not conform to this rule.
All employees are permitted to deny providing service and immediate check-out of a Guest that is behaving indecently, performs antisocial activities or is abusive in any way against other Guests or personnel. In such a case the Guest will bear all the costs of already provided services

15. All our guests should behave quiet and unobtrusive during the night-time. Night hours start at 10pm and end at 7 am.

16. Each Guest should secure the room properly to deny access for any unauthorised person. When our guests are not in the room all windows and doors should remain closed. If a Guest leaves the entrance to the room unprotected Wizyczki Apartments do not take responsibility for any loss of Guest’s property.

17. Wiezyczki Apartments do not take responsibility for any injuries caused by improper use of equipment available on the premises of a whole property. This applies to the equipment in the apartment or kitchenette but also to the instructions given by personnel or these Regulations.

18. All objects left by our Guests in the rooms after their departure will be shipped to a given address only after the permission from the Guest is received. The Guest will have to bear the costs of the shipment. If no instructions are received from the Guest all objects will be retained for three months. After that time they will be handed to the charities.

19. Wiezyczki Apartments may provide following additional services on request:

a) Provide information regarding the stay and your travel arrangements

b) Wake-up calls

c) Retention of valuable objects in a safe

20. All reservations and remarks regarding Guest’s stay and services provided by Wiezyczki Apartments should be forwarded to the personnel as soon as possible.

21. All Guests visiting Wiezyczki Apartments accept the fact that to provide safety of the property the CCTV is installed on the premises.

22. No advertisement or promotional activity is permitted on the premises without prior permission.

23. For all services provided by Wiezyczki Apartments our Guests may pay in cash, debit/credit card of by bank transfer.

24. All financial claims against our Guests resulting from services provided by Wiezyczki Apartments that were not regulated on time will be directed to appropriate judicial proceeding after prior call for payment.